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Monday, 18 July 2011


Superbox is a 10-in-1 app and gives you the functionality of 10 individual applications, yet lose only a fraction of the space on your device.

Why use a single app?

Many people have older Android phones. Some of the devices cannot run Froyo or higher. Many of the older Android phones lacked internal memory. A perfect example is my HTC Desire. It has 148mb of space for apps and information. Once I get the essentials like Pandora, Kindle, a bar code scanner, Springpad, Dropbox, Lastpass, Google+, a to-do list app and some others, I need to be careful about what else I add.
Using a single application that serves several functions is ideal for Android phones with less memory. Superbox only takes up 1.90mb when a portion of the app is moved to the SD card. 3.42MB when it is all on the phone.

What do I get with Superbox?

There are 10 applications you get with Superbox. Here is the list:
  • file manager
  • batch uninstaller
  • app2sd
  • task manager
  • memory and cpu usage
  • battery charge and usage detail
  • app installer
  • phone feature settings
  • safeguard
  • cache cleaner

How does it compare to individual apps?

Here is a list of similar individual applications randomly chosen from the market to cover the same functions that Superbox packages together.
  • Advanced Task Killer – 99k
  • App 2 SD – 257k
  • App Cache Cleaner – 201k
  • Easy Uninstaller – 173k
  • CPU Station – 432k
  • Battery monitor – 370k
  • Toggle Settings/Profiles Lite – 1.3mb
  • Astro file manager – 2.2mb
  • App Safeguard – 164k
  • Appinstaller – 257k
All of these applications measure up to 5536kb or 5.41MB. That’s almost twice the size!

Why are these useful?

The applications you will use the most for a low memory phone may be App2sd if you are running 2.2 Froyo or higher, the cache cleaner, batch uninstaller and the task killer. The reasons are all geared toward maximizing space and keeping your device running smoothly.


Using an app 2 sd application will move a part of the application to your SD card. Doing this will let you install more applications on your Android phone. However, you will need to be running 2.2 Froyo or higher to use this function. When I upgraded my HTC Desire to 2.2 and used the app2sd portion of Superbox, I was able to almost double the amount of installed apps.

Cache cleaner

The cache cleaner can help get rid of old information stored by the applications installed on your Android device. This may cause you to have to log into some applications again.

Batch uninstaller

I use the uninstaller a lot. It is great for freeing up space fast. When you open this section of Superbox, you will see a list of all the applications on your phone. Simply check the box next to the apps you want to uninstall. When all apps to uninstall are checked, press the uninstall button and follow the prompts.

Task killer

There is some debate on the web whether you need a task manager or not. We are not going to add to the debate. All I know is that from time to time, having a way to kill a stubborn application or two has came in handy.


I have been using Superbox for quite some time on my Android phone with low memory and have found having an all-in-one application more beneficial than trying several individual or combo application.

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