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Thursday, 28 July 2011

Display upcoming events on Android lockscreen

Lockscreen Calendar is a handy Android application that puts your upcoming calendar events right on your lock screen–and therefore right in front of you every time you go to open your phone.
Carrying around your calendar in your pocket is useless if you forget to check it. Lockscreen Calendar puts upcoming events on your lock screen so that every time you unlock your phone you get an instant refresher of the upcoming events. You can configure they way it displays the date, whether it shows the location of the event or not, and how often it updates.
Hit up the link below to grab a copy. Lockscreen Calendar requires Android 2.2+ and is only compatible with the stock lock screen (sorry Sense UI users).
Lockscreen Calendar [Android Market via Addictive Tips]

Take care that you make the settings so that the upcoming events don't push the unlock key out of screen. If the events come down too far, you might not be able to drag down to unlock You may need to eventually click on an ad, which may unlock And recover from there.So take care....

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