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Thursday, 31 March 2011

Titanium backup

An interesting article from Maketecheasier:

Not all applications that are available on the Android market are free of charge. Some of the more useful apps can be had for a price. If you're an Android power user, you've probably invested your fair share of money on higher end applications which may include any number of powerful utilities for your phone. Like any other customer, you want to make sure to protect your investment. In the case of your applications, it would mean backing all of them up. Although there are a variety of ways to do this, one of the best methods involves using Titanium Backup, available on the Android Market.

As the name would suggest, Titanium Backup, is primarily a backup application. Apart from doing simple backups, it also includes features to keep every power user content. The application comes in two varieties: free and a donate version. The donate version unlocks most of the features that would cater to the power user crowd. Some features of the donate version include: batch backups and restoration, backup sync to the Dropbox file service, scheduled backups, and the ability to backup protected applications. Users also have the option of encrypting their backups for additional security upon restoration.

Note: It should be mentioned that in order to use these powerful features, you must have a rooted Android device. If you have not done any modification to your phones before, most probably your phones are not rooted.


Go to the Android market and initiate a search for Titanium Backup (or go to the web-based market here). Doing this will yield a search page that displays the actual application as well as the donate version license. Although the free version can be had, the paid-for version truly displays the applications full brilliance and potential. Download both applications and install them as you would any other app from the market.

Open the Titanium Backup application and select the "problems?" option. The application will then do a variety of system checks to ensure that its capabilities will not be prevented from functioning in any way. Once you receive the green light from the application, you will be free to make any backups that you see fit.


One feature that is especially handy is the Dropbox sync feature. In order to enable this, hit the menu button and select Preferences. Select "Enable Dropbox" from the menu. Directly beneath this option, select Dropbox settings to enter the appropriate credentials. After this you will be allowed to sync all apps directly to your Dropbox account. This feature is especially useful should your SD card fail for one reason or another.


In order to initiate backups, select the Backup/Restore option located at the very top of the application's screen. After selecting this icon, all of your available apps will be displayed in a list. Press on an application entry and you will be presented with a series of options for backing up that particular application. Also remember that you can perform batch operations, allowing you to backup multiple applications at once. To do so, hit the Menu button and select Batch. This will allow you to perform multiple backups.


A final feature to be aware of is the ability to schedule backups.for your applications. Selecting schedules at the top right hand of the screen will allow you to create schedule recurring backups.


To summarize, Titanium Backup truly provides a powerful set of backup features for the Android power user. Not only does it perform its job intelligently, it also provides secure backups of all of your paid-for applications. Use and abuse your Android with total peace of mind.

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